New tires on the bike!

Last night I installed new tires on my Sabre.

There was much drama leading up to the tire purchase. Some cheese ball internet tire shop screwed up and sent me two rear tires of the brand I really wanted.
Come to find out that Pirelli quit making the front tire for my bike and I wasn’t going to have much luck finding one.
So I stick local and have Mike order up a set of Avon Venom-X tires and mint them on the wheels.
I got to put the wheels with new tires on last night.
I took her for a quick spin and could tell the difference right away. These are going to be some nice tires.
I rode to work today with the ground still wet from this mornings rain storm. The tires, dispute being so new, felt pretty good. I’m taking it slow to break them in and wear off the new goo. But so far with the two quick rides I like what I am feeling.
Here are some pics from after the first ride last night.

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