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TomTom -V- Garmin Review.

I had me first real experience with GPS while on a trip. I had the opportunity to take along both a TomTom ONE XL and a Garmin nĂ¼vi 265W. The TomTom was lent to me at the last moment, I had already planned to use the Garmin. Both are USB powered so I was able […]

Sunday Ride

Sunday was a great day for a Motorcycle ride! PB&J on his ultra, me on my Sabre and a new member of the riding clan JN on his Beeeeemer! We had a great lunch at JN’s place and then headed out. First into Cheney and through the Turnbull reservation. We headed south to St John. […]

What a Journey!

This post is just going to be a general summary of the trip. I plan on making a post fir each leg of the journey, but im finding it dificult to find all the words to describe the beauty of the trip. The bike trip ended up being around 1700 miles in 5 full days […]

The journey continues…..

Today were taking a break from the ride to chill in Bozeman. Going to hit a couple bike shops and have lunch and dinner with Ry. Going to hit a few of the local roads around Bozeman and see what we can find. The trip is amazing so far. I’ll post lots more when im […]

Couldn’t be a betta day.

Headed out on the open road. Starting our ride. Will be back monday. First leg is to Ry’s in Bozeman. TTFN

Rainy day, trip delayed.

What a day for it to rain. This blows but better safe than sorry when on the motorcycle. So we are putting the trip off by 1day. Tomorrow we will be leaving early but switching the direction. We will blast over to bozeman and spend the evening with Ry. Then head to Jackson on day […]

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